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We have some of the top names offering commercial insurance for Straight Trucks – Box Trucks – Light Vehicles.

Straight Truck Insurance is available for most contractor vehicle types and sizes.
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We keep it simple and affordable with our Light Commercial Vehicle Insurance.
We provide commercial auto insurance to a wide array of small business classes. With pricing that is specifically tailored to the budget of a small business owner, expedient claim service, and the expertise of some of the most trusted names in the insurance industry that provide dependable and hassle-free insurance protection. This page will provide you with information regarding general eligibility, driver and vehicle eligibility, available coverage’s, and eligible business classes.

Light Commercial Vehicle Insurance General Eligibility

Our Commercial Auto product is primarily designed for small commercial risks where the vehicle use is incidental to the business operations. Eligible risks in this category will be those in the Contractor, Professional/Technical Services, Retail, Wholesale, and Manufacturing industries where the vehicle is secondary to the operations.

• All vehicles (not just trucks) must have a GVW
of less than 26,000 lbs.
• Prior commercial auto insurance is preferred
• Satisfactory commercial credit
• Fleet size is 9 vehicles or less
• Risks limited to private passenger vehicles may use
symbol 1 or symbol 7. Risks including trucks must be
written symbol 7 with options for symbols 8 and/or 9
Passenger for hire is not allowed
Transportation of hazardous or explosive materials
is not eligible
Specialized/time sensitive delivery is not eligible
• Acceptable prior loss history required-no more than 2 at-fault and 4 not at-fault accidents in the
prior 36 months
Vehicles leased or rented to others are not eligible

Light Commercial Vehicle Insurance Driver Eligibility

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and verifiable driving record (Foreign licenses are acceptable)
• Satisfactory driving record is required – while we are a market for a wide variety of drivers and records in general, this means that any individual driver cannot have more than 2 minor violations and/or an at-fault accident or major violation within the last 36 months. Total minor violations for the policy cannot exceed 4 and the total major violations cannot exceed 2 for the policy.
• No excluded driver’s

Light Commercial Vehicle Insurance Vehicle Eligibility

All vehicles must have a valid VIN (Utility trailers accepted)
• Vehicles classified as “Special Types” are not eligible
• No more than 5 truck type vehicles and the total fleet size cannot be more than 9
• Specifically described vehicles must be owned by the named insured

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Commercial Auto Insurance Straight Trucks – Box Trucks – Light Vehicles.

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