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Easy to locate, compare and purchase Straight or Box Truck Insurance today.

We have some of the best Truck Insurance for your straight trucks or box trucks anywhere.

Our Easy Box Truck and Straight Truck Insurance Polices cover a wide range of vehicles.
Our Easy Box Truck and Straight Truck Insurance Polices cover a wide range of vehicles.

Give us a try by using our secure quick quote request form that is just below. We will work hard to earn your business by providing excellent customer service and quick certificate issue to allow you to prosper in your field.

Our box and straight truck commercial auto insurance brokers offer quality coverage for our customers in several states. We take great pride in service after the sale as well.

Many people contact us to ask how much box truck or straight truck insurance will cost them. It is not the same for every company because equipment varies and your drivers motor vehicle and accident reports play a huge role in the makeup of you total rate. In addition your rate will vary based on how far your trucks travel, so short radius usually pays less than those that travel countrywide.

We always try and keep your box truck or straight truck insurance costs as low as possible without leaving you with huge coverage gaps that put you or your company at risk when a claim happens.

Straight Truck Insurance quotes for small risks to large national fleets are currently available from our brokerage department by using our easy contact form.

All commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers must be appropriately licensed to drive the specific type of vehicles they operate. All drivers are expected to be physically and mentally fit to drive, and must be examined by a certified medical examiner every two years. CDL drivers must also be periodically tested for controlled substances and alcohol use.

Carriers must systematically inspect, repair, and maintain all commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) under its control. All CMVs must be inspected every 12 months by a qualified inspector who has training or certification to inspect and maintain CMVs. In addition, drivers must be satisfied that the motor vehicle is in safe operating condition prior to operating the vehicle by conducting a pre-trip check and ensuring that all safety problems are repaired. Most vehicle-related violations can be prevented by conducting thorough pre- and post-trip inspections.

Proof of Insurance
All motor carriers are responsible for having adequate financial assurance that they can cover potential costs associated with bodily injury, property damage, and environmental restoration due to discharge of toxic or environmentally harmful materials caused by their company.

Have a DOT # or MC # and need to check your status with the FMCSA? Click the link to visit the SAFER Company Snapshot page

Straight Truck Insurance covers all of the needs of most contractors. If coverage is needed for extra heavy vehicles it can be obtained with extra information.
Insure your entire line of vehicles including auto haulers with a dually pickup insurance.